The Expanding Industry: Green Jobs

Are green jobs a good career choice for recent college graduates?  Green jobs have begun to expand  in the past decade and some say that it will revitalize the economy. At a seminar, which was part of the Sustainability Conference, and held in the Redmond Room, Jaime Gauthier from the Sustainable Business Network, Liz Robinson from the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA), and Matt Walker from the Clean Air Council (CAC) spoke about the growing industry of green jobs in the United States.

All three speakers stated that green jobs have substantially increased in the past ten years with numerous opportunities in the expanding industry.

The Sustainable Business Network is a non-profit organization that helps locally owned businesses become sustainable. They help business owners give back to the community and give benefits to part time employees.

Gauthier stated that “solar energy, energy efficiency, and storm water management are the three biggest jobs in a rapidly growing industry.”

StormwaterThe federal government recently granted two billion dollars over the next 25 years for storm water management which helps cities reduce the cost to clean up floods.

The ECA has the most advanced plan for green jobs because they have a career ladder that is the pipeline of technical training. The pipeline is that the ECA reaches out to students in high school teach and give them an apprenticeship then college students get a B.S., which will take them directly into the field.

The ECA partners with both local and national agencies and they have introduced over four thousand students into the career ladder since 2010. They also have an apprenticeship program that allows workers to get college credit for on the job training which will help them get promoted faster.

The ECA creates jobs to help with water conservation
The ECA creates jobs to help with water conservation

The CAC has also expanded  their reach, and in fact has “doubled in the last five to ten years,” Walker said. The council is focused on the issue of clean air by protecting good air quality and holding polluting companies accountable. They go into communities and help fight against fracking. They travel all over the country and try to help communities that do not have the funds to fight against oil companies and other corporations.

Students interested  in green job opportunities can visit the following Web sites:

Sustainable Business Network

Energy Coordinating Agency

 Clean Air Council

All three businesses have internship programs and job opportunities for current college students and recent college graduates.


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