New Grad Requirements Spark Campus Debate

The University has announced changes in requirements for graduation for incoming freshman after a recent study showed that only 15 percent of students took a foreign language course and only 20 percent took a math course.

Students entering as first-year students or transfers students next fall must take one math, one computer science and two foreign language courses.

Riverdale-Warriors-logoSome students do not agree with the change in requirements. “I’m glad that doesn’t apply to me,” said Brittany Jones, a sophomore, business major, 19. “I don’t feel like I should have to take a foreign language unless I want to. My schedule is packed as it is. I’m not sure how new students will handle the credit load. The university may lose some news students.”

While others believe that these requirements are a good thing for the school, “I think it’s ridiculous to think you can go to college and not learn math,” said Nick Fisher a junior psychology major, “Americans are also just about the only people in the world who speak one language. I am taking Spanish because I want to be employable.”

President David French, Ph.D. felt confident that the new requirements will help incoming students, “I disagree that we are going to lose students because of this decision,” he said. “This was a decision that was made carefully and with the full input of the Faculty Senate and the Student Government. We are confident that our students will benefit greatly from the revised core requirements…Ultimately, that is what will get students jobs. Our goal is to make students more employable… I am confident that we are better preparing our students for the workplace.”


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