Police Seek Information in Finding Missing Erie Woman

Erie Woman Pic
Police outside the home of Enan Abo-Khila

The police are asking for the public’s help after an Erie woman was reported missing since early Friday morning after she was supposed to show up for classes at the International Institute, but never did.

Enan Abo-Khila, 29, of 601 Ash, was last seen by her brother, whom she lives with, about 5 a.m. Friday. She has lived in Erie for six months and speaks little English.

She is about 5 feet tall with a medium build, dark complexion, and black hair.

She didn’t take any belongings or personal papers, such as her passport and driver’s permit, with her when she left,” said Det. James Washburn of the Erie Police Department. “And her stuff is still at home, so it’s not like she was running away from anything.”

“She has two brothers and a sister in the Erie area, and none of them have heard from her,” Washburn said.

“We have no reason to believe that foul play is involved right now,” said Washburn. “The house showed no signs of forced entry, and there were no signs of a struggle there. But considering the Iraqi culture, it does not suggest that she would walk away somewhere by herself. Women from that culture just don’t do that.”

If you encounter Abo-Khila she does not speak English well. If anyone tried to help her she may not have the ability to tell them where she lives.  “It could be a case where someone out there is trying to help her, but because of the language barrier, can’t,” said Washburn.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Enan Abo-Khila please do not hesitate to call the Erie police detective division at 870-1150


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